By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new guide to Philadelphia restaurants doesn’t rate food, service or atmosphere; it recommends restaurants based on how they treat their employees.

The workers’ group, Restaurant Opportunities Center, says it compiled the guide to make sure consumers know which restaurants are paying a living wage and providing sick leave, not to tell them where to eat. And it’s a good thing.

Of several hundred restaurants, nine meet the criteria that local coordinator Fabricio Rodriquez says makes them “high road” employers.

“There’s probably never been a better time to be a diner in our city, there are so many great options, but unfortunately, there’s probably never been a worse time to be a restaurant worker in our city,” says Rodriquez.

Collin Keefe writes about the restaurant scene on Grub Street. He says such a guide is useful.

“So many restaurants make such a big deal about using small farm, organic, artisan ingredients; it’s nice to know also they’re not screwing over their employees,” says Keefe.

The guide is available at

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