By Todd Quinones

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – In the hours after the tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, the gunman’s older brother was taken into custody for questioning.

Twenty-four-year-old Ryan Lanza lives in Hoboken, New Jersey. He was questioned for several hours Friday night, and investigators describe him as being cooperative.

Meanwhile, neighbors were confused as to what was happening.

“As the day went on, we were hearing all kinds of conflicting stories. We weren’t really sure, but we were definitely glued to the coverage all day,” neighbor Amy Piccinini said.

Sources indicate Ryan Lanza told investigators he hasn’t spoke to his younger brother Adam in more than a year, and that Adam was autistic and suffered from a personality disorder.

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Throughout the evening, Hoboken police – along with FBI agents – could be seen going in and out of Ryan’s apartment.

“We heard in the news it was Hoboken, and we thought, there’s so many people that live here. And when I heard uptown and closer to my building, it’s very scary to think someone connected to this could be so close,” neighbor Kristen Gibson said.

Ryan Lanza said nothing to reporters as he was escorted away from the Hoboken Police Department, but neighbors expressed their concern for the 24-year-old and others impacted by the massacre.

“It was tragic what happened in Connecticut, of course. Our prayers go out to the families who were affected, and to the first responders who had to deal with this situation,” neighbor Lianne Scott said.

At this point, all indications are that Ryan Lanza had nothing to do with his brother’s plan.

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