By Diana Rocco

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police say a 15-year-old high school sophomore from Langhorne is the latest victim of a man wanted for groping another girl in an area store last month.

“All of the sudden I felt something on my butt, and it was his hand,” said the teen. “I kind of looked at him and he said, ‘Oh sorry and ran off.’”

She asked not to be identified, and is talking only to Eyewitness News. The teen says Tuesday night while shopping at Target on East Lincoln Highway with her parents, she was standing alone in an aisle when a man approached her.

“I actually thought he was going to take me. Everyone says you should have screamed but I didn’t think about it. I was in shock,” the teen said.

She immediately ran to get her father, but the man took off. Police were able to capture a picture off of Target’s surveillance cameras and now believe it may be the same man wanted for grouping an 11-year-old in the Barnes and Noble store in Falls Township in November.

The 11-year-old screamed and man ran off. When this teen saw that surveillance video given to police, from Barnes and Noble, she recognized the man.

“That was him. Automatically, I’m like I’m pretty sure that’s him.”

Now she’s telling her story so it doesn’t happen to someone else.

“He didn’t have a cart. He wasn’t with anybody. He was there in that aisle for me.”