By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Despite budget problems, poverty, and little parent participation, Public Agenda reports on what makes for success at Ohio’s nine high poverty, high-achieving schools, based on interviews with teachers, principals students and parents. Sites were urban and rural, primary and secondary, traditional, charter, and lottery-based public schools.

• Strong principals with strong vision who engage staff in decision-making , never losing sight of outcomes. Teachers dedicated to schools’ success making a difference in students’ lives. Incentives for teachers to collaborate and share best practices. Teachers view student data as helpful, informing decisions.
• Principals and teachers have high expectation; no excuse for academic failure. Expectations for school discipline and behavior. Students feel valued, loved and challenged – that teachers will help them succeed. Non-traditional incentives for academic success and behavior.
• Lack of parent support is not insurmountable. Make sure new hires endorse school’s vision and practices. Plan for smooth principal transitions. Leverage a great reputation. Celebrate success.

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