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    05:00 PM - 06:30 PM
By Chris Stigall

5:45 am: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell proposed to have a vote on Obama’s plan for tax hikes, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid objected to a vote. Does Obama want the US to go over the fiscal cliff?

6:18 am: Marco Rubio cleared up “age of the earth” statement quoted in his interview with GQ. Chris takes calls on the relation between what Christians believe and what science says. Should Rubio have been asked the question anyway?

6:46 am: A photographer took a picture of a man right before he was hit by a train in the New York City Subway instead of helping the man. Isn’t it instinct to help someone in danger rather than sit and watch?

7:12 am: New online sales tax. Polls show that most Americans would support an online sales tax. Do you support an online sales tax? Some say it will help drive consumers to buy from local business. Chris takes calls to see who would support the tax and who prefers to shop local.

8:11 am: We revisit the fiscal cliff topic and Obama’s proposal from the 5am hour.

8:18 am: Olive Garden and Red Lobster are blamming low ratings on Obamacare. Their responce of hiring less people gave them negative media coverage.

8:27 am: Bob Costas tries to defend his position on weapons with Bill O’Reilly. Costas comes off as anti-gun.

8:55 am: We revisit the topic of Marco Rubio clearing up “age of the earth” statement quoted in his interview with GQ from the 6am hour.

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