By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A new, smaller E-ZPass is coming to a windshield near you.

E-ZPass transponders are getting smaller. Many of the 24 toll agencies that use the devices have begun to swap them out for units that are about half the size.

“It’s basically the same transponder in a smaller package,” says P.J. Wilkins, executive director of the E-ZPass Group. “Highly accurate. The customer’s not going to see any difference at all.”

Agencies, including the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA), have begun exchanging the transponders as they approach the end of their eight-to-ten-year usable lives. So Wilkins says you may not get a new one right away.

“If you’ve got one of the older ones a year ago,” he says, “it’s going to last a very long time and there’s no need to swap those out.”

Wilkins says the new units cost the member agencies about half the price of the old ones.