By David Madden

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – Governor Chris Christie says he has “pretty much” settled on his next two nominees to the New Jersey Supreme Court. How well they may fare in the state senate is up for debate.

Just ask Anne Patterson, who spent a year waiting for Democrats in the senate to approve her. Philip Kwon and Bruce Harris? Their nominations were dashed in committee. Christie says he’s been talking high court picks, off and on, with Senate President Steve Sweeney for two months now.

“Let’s just say that we’ve continued to have conversations and that he’s fully informed as to the people that I have been considering and the direction in which I’d like to move.”

That is, more Republican, conservative, interpret rather than make law — call it what you will. The Governor has said Democrats are going to great lengths to retain control of the high court. Democrats have countered that it’s a matter of having the credentials to serve.

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