5:40 Chris remembers Larry Hagman, who played JR Ewing in Dallas, and died over the weekend.

larry hagman Stigall Show Log 11.26.12

Larry Hagman (Photo credit PIERRE GUILLAUD/AFP/Getty Images)

5:55 The Eagles season is turning sour as they prepare to take on the Carolina Panthers tonight.

6;14 Political pundits are already hinting at a 2016 presidential election contest between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

6:17 Mitt Romney is the latest in a long line of Republicans that are nice, but still losers.

6:48 Larry Hagman lost millions of dollars with bad investments sold to him prior to the financial crisis.

7:10 On this week’s Monday Morning Matchup, Chris talks to Michael Bronstein and Jeff Roe about the upcoming debate over the fiscal cliff.

7:43 A Massachussetts woman was fired for posting disrepectful pictures at Arlington National Cemetary on Facebook.

7:54 Some are objecting to her being fired because soldiers have died to protect free speech.

8:26 Amazon.com is now collecting sales tax from purchases in Pennsylvania.

8:45 The Mayor of Seaside Heights wants to leave a roller coaster in the ocean that was washed out there by Hurricane Sandy.

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