The Buzz Bissinger Show, with Steve Martorano spent the past couple of days polling the most intelligent political minds locally and nationally to see where they thought the Presidential Election might land on Wednesday morning. We asked them to put their affiliations and ideologies aside, and to give us an honest, intelligent answer – or just guess – but at least make it a smart, educated guess. What we ended up with was a cross-section of great political minds that ran the gamut of answer that impressed and depressed us.


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Buzz, Steve and Nikki give their predictions


Neil Oxman – Founder of the Campaign Group in Philadelphia

  • Obama wins
  • 290 Electoral votes
  • 1 pt. popular vote
  • 130 million turnout


Mark Harris – Partner at Cold Spark Media

  • Romney wins
  • 300 Electoral votes
  • 52/48


Mr. Mann – Local Bookmaker

  • Click the link to check his odds (they’re a secret)


Dick Polman – University of Pennsylvania

  • Obama wins
  • 300 Electoral votes
  • 2.5 pts.


Dick Jerardi – The Philadelphia Daily News

  • Obama wins
  • 303 Electoral vots
  • 52/48


Stephen Starr – Restauranteur

  • Obama wins
  • Predicts it will come down to a lawyer decision
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David Cohen – Former Chief-of-Staff for Ed Rendell

  • Obama wins
  • 277-300 Electoral votes



Charles Kopp – Local Republican Fundraiser

  • Romney wins
  • 280 Electoral votes


Christopher Nicholas – Political Consultant for Eagle Consulting Group, Inc.

  • Romney wins


Ed Rendell – Former Governor of Pennsylvania

  • Obama wins
  • Wins Electoral vote
  • Loses Popular vote


Shaun Kenney – Blogger for ‘Bearing Drift: Virginia’s Conservative Voice’

  • Romney Wins
  • 270 Electoral vote


Senator Pat Toomey

  • Romney wins by 2 pts. in Pennsylvania
  • 300 Electoral votes


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Susan Miller –

  • Election will not be called for at least a week