By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Michael Vick has plenty of problems right now, not the least of which being running for his life every Sunday (or Monday). What he doesn’t need, is his younger brother making his life more difficult.

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Marcus Vick, who was arrested again yesterday,  and uses the Twitter handle @MVFive, went off on both the Eagles, and fans last night during the game.

Some of the gems followers were treated to were (edit for profanity):

Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please……

F*****g line sh***y!!! I never seen a Qb get pressured so fast….

This not even an NFL type of O-line. What happen to the hogs the Eagles had last year and year before? Call Winston Justice back n Jamal J

Finally a long run. Damn!! That’s the best hole the line opened up all year….. Wtf

Super bad decision!!!! Mistake after mistake after mistake!! @MVFive changing the channel

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Talked about himself in the third person on Twitter there, I’ve never seen that. But he didn’t change the channel like he said he would.

Who want to take shots to the head over and over when all the other qbs don’t. Look at Eli Manning he only been knockdown a few times.

Look what happen when he got protection….. I’m not hearing y’all people forreal. I don’t even read my @’s.

I don’t want to see brother with brain problems by the time he 45. Everybody have a job to do so do it. They all professionals

What happen from 2010 till now. How u sign better players but record get worst? #helpmeunderstand

Look at the holes in that Defense. Damn I can rush for a buck behind that line lmao…… 😂😂

Only reason I said trade was bc I hear all that Nick Foles talk. Honestly who is he? What was his college record at Arizona? #letmeknow😂

Look what protection do. Why it take 3 quarters to figure s**t out? #letmekno defense get another stop. Let’s play ball!!!!

He did take some time to weigh in on the election though.

Get Mitt Romney off my TV. He the last person I want to hear talk right now

Michael Vick seemed displeased when he found out about his brother’s tirade, endorsing his teammates and saying he’d take care of the problem.

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