By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – I suppose if you’re looking for a bright side to the Eagles’ miserable 28-13 loss to the Saints, it’s that with every performance that looks the way Monday night’s did from the Eagles, it gets a little less likely we’ll be lulled into the “well maybe, you never know!” type of set-up and disappointment we’ve grown used to.

Man, they’re bad.

With that:

Gold Star #1 – LeSean McCoy

19 rushes for 119 yards for McCoy, it seems almost silly to continue to note that he’s really good, and he doesn’t get enough touches. Should I dedicate more than a sentence or two to it?

Demerit #1 – Demetress Bell

Bell had one of the all-time terrible offensive line performances against the Saints. I almost started to feel bad for him. Almost. Sure, he was playing out of position when Herremans went down, but really, is there any right position for Bell this year? Probably somewhere on the sideline.

Gold Star #2 – Marcus Vick

While the Eagles were getting murdered on the field, Michael Vick’s brother Marcus was murdering them off the field. The younger Vick was trashing everyone from the Eagles’ offensive line to the defense on his Twitter account last night. I don’t give him a gold star because it was the right thing to do, it was a terrible thing to do. It was at least entertaining.

Some gems were:

Please trade my brother. We requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please……

“Finally a long run. Damn!! That’s the best hole the line opened up all year….. Wtf”

Where the sacks at? Can we get a turnover? What’s really good?

Demerit #2 – Marcus Vick

Michael Vick’s job is hard enough as it is, without his knucklehead brother making things more difficult. You can’t control your family, so you can’t hold Michael Vick accountable for the actions of his brother, and to his credit, seemed very disappointed when he heard about the tweets after the game. “You said he tweeted that during the game? I’m sorry. I’m unaware of that. That’s something that I’m really going to have to address once I leave here,” Michael Vick said.

Gold Star #3 – Andy Reid

No, not for coaching. The coaching obviously leaves a lot to be desired. It was terrible. I just give him a gold star for endorsing Michael Vick after the game and at least sparing us one small Monday morning controversy.

Demerit #3 – The Run Defense

It’s something when it’s not Drew Brees that kills you, but Chris Ivory and Pierre Thomas. The tackling was horrid. Everything was horrid. Can I have a few more demerits?