By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Don’t you just love those shrubs that turn scarlet red in the fall? But wait, are we talking about the same shrub? I mean American blueberry bushes, with bright red leaves in autumn, white bell-flowers in spring, and blueberries in summer.

Unfortunately, most bright red shrubs you see right now are an invasive alien shrub called ‘burning bush,’ also known as ‘winged euonymus,’ that’s escaping into our woodlands and replacing plants our birds and butterflies need to survive – such as blueberries.

See the blueberry bush in the photo? Those leaves look like a burning bush – a brilliant red! So, why not plant blueberries instead?

This week as we exercise our very American right to vote, why not also take a stand for what I like to call ‘patriotic plants’? Even better, dig out an invasive burning bush – if yours got damaged in the storm this is a great chance to replace it – and proudly display red autumn leaves, white spring flowers and summer blueberries. Red, white and blue – long may they wave.

Learn more about the invasive burning bush here.