5:43 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called out Atlantic City’s mayor for not heeding his calls to evacuate.

5:50 In 2011, Mitt Romney claimed he would shut down FEMA, causing the campaign to issue a response.

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5:57 Politico examines the political ramifications of Hurricane Sandy.

6:25 Political yard signs could’ve caused damage flying through the air.

6:40 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Jenn Bernstein in Atlantic City assessing the damage from Hurricane Sandy.

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6:55 6 ABC’s Cecily Tynan called Adam Joseph a moron after his microphone didn’t work, prompting a response from Jim Gardner.

7:15 A Wall Street Journal Story featured Steve Cordasco’s efforts to get ready for Hurricane Sandy.

7:23 Chris talks to CBS 3’s Walt Hunter about what he saw covering Hurricane Sandy in Atlantic City yesterday.

7:45 Chris talks to Governor Tom Corbett as he begins to deal with the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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8:45 Both Pennsylvania and Minnesota are in play for Mitt Romney.