By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With just over a week to go before the election, the candidates zero in on the swing states. Here’s a look at the latest poles in those crucial battlegrounds.

The Rocky Mountains had their first snow Friday, but that’s not all that’s falling.

Polls are flooding the state – a key swing state and they show on average a dead heat between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. That is in contrast to the other swing state polling.

On average of all polls, Mitt Romney has a one to two point leader in Florida, Virginia and higher in North Carolina.

The President has a two point or more lead in Ohio, Wisconsin, Nevada, Iowa and a bit closer in New Hampshire. The national popular voter average is 9 tenths of one percent.

270 electoral votes are needed to win. If you add up all the states with current “leads” Obama would have 280; Romney 248 and that’s without Colorado.
If Romney picked up two or three of the swing states where Obama leads, he would win. If Obama took Florida and Virginia, he would win.

Conversely, if Romney could win in Ohio and hold on to his current states and win other states like Colorado, he would become the next President.

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