By Jenn Bernstein

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) — All is calm in Atlantic City, but emergency management officials aren’t taking any chances with Hurricane Sandy barreling up the coast. They’re expected to meet Friday to lay out a storm plan. It’s something many Jersey Shore towns are doing as well.

In Margate, public works officials are prepping sand bags and flood bags.

“We pass them out to homeowners, businesses,” said Public Works Director Frank Ricciotti. “We have thousands of these in stock.”

They’re also piling sand on the beachfront; an effort to block, or ease a possible storm surge, that could leave the town flooded.

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“They’re predicting this to come off the coast of New Jersey,” said Ricciotti. “We don’t know how close yet, but we are taking the right precautions and getting ready.”

Atlantic County Emergency Officials are also expected to meet Friday, and talk with local municipalities.

There’s no word yet on an evacuation plan, but officials say if one is necessary, the decision will be made by Saturday.

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