By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Most of us spend a lot of time with it every day — and it’s about to get a complete overhaul. Microsoft this morning is taking the wraps off the newest version of Windows.

“The Windows desktop with a taskbar and programs that run in re-sizable windows,” Windows expert Ed Bott said.

The operating system we’re used to  is giving way to Windows 8:

“It’s really designed to be used with touch.”

Bott is a contributing editor at ZDNet:

“You’ll still have your desktop wallpaper, you’ll still have your taskbar — the only thing you won’t have is the start menu.”

It’s replaced by Live Tiles, which you’ll also find on Windows Phone:

“They’re capable of updating themselves with information from the Internet or from your computer.”

Bott says there’s no killer feature to make you run out and upgrade. Most of the benefits will go to those who have Windows 8 pre-installed on touch-friendly hardware.