By Oren Liebermann

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Few cases have grabbed the attention of the public and the media like the sex abuse trial of Jerry Sandusky, turning the suspect into a convicted criminal and his attorney into a bit of legal celebrity.

“Has anyone here ever defended a case where there are 10 separate sets of victims?” asked Joe Amendola rhetorically, addressing a group of lawyers at Widener University.

On Thursday, Amendola filed an appeal in the case. He says he needed more time to prepare for trial, with new documents coming in just days before the trial began in June.

“It wasn’t until mid-May that that information started coming in. Hundreds of thousands of pages of material from probably 25 different sources,” said Amendola.

Victim 1 in the case has gone public, identifying himself as 19-year-old Aaron Fisher. His book comes out next week. Amendola is not surprised.

“Number 1 was a young man who craved attention, would do anything to get attention, had to be the center of attention, and he would basically say things that weren’t true.”

Sandusky and his defense team claimed from the beginning the victims made up their stories to get money.

“Now does that mean it didn’t happen? Of course not, and I said that to the jury. But it shows a motive, and money will do strange things, especially to people who don’t have it.”

Sandusky remains in Centre County jail, held in isolation for his own protection. At his sentencing, Sandusky looked frail and thinner than he had before.

“He’s doing as well as can under the circumstances. I mean, how would you be doing if you were facing a life sentence?”

The judge has 4 months to make a decision on the appeal for Sandusky. Amendola admits he would be surprised if Sandusky is granted an appeal, but he says he has to keep fighting for his client.

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