By Chelsea Karnash

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With the Presidential Election just weeks away, the American public is being bombarded with political facts, ads and opinions.

Now, a new app is letting you take control of what you want – or don’t want – to see, at least on Facebook. “Noppl,” which stands for “no politics please,” allows users to remove unwanted political posts from their Facebook newsfeed. Meaning no more post-debate opinion overload…and a slightly diminished urge to defriend each and every person who doesn’t agree with you.

Currently, Noppl is a Chrome extension that’s also available as a bookmarklet for other browsers. After downloading the app, users can enter in specific words they want to block, like “Romney,” “Obama,” “Republican” or “Democrat.”

And when the political spewing slows after Nov. 6th, you can simply uninstall Noppl. Unless, of course, your candidate loses – in which case you might want to keep it functioning until 2016.

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