By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia’s historic Fort Mifflin, near Philadelphia International Airport, is believed by paranormal experts to be one of the most “haunted” places in the country.

So, it being almost Halloween, we had to check it out.

“Electronic voice phenomena” sessions were held in five so-called hotspots in the fort.  Paranormal enthusiasts believe voices of spirits can be captured on a digital recording.

blob face  mcdev Ghost Hunters Tour Historic Fort Mifflin

(The phenomenom in the top photo, enlarged, takes on the appearance of a face.)


When played back, sometimes an unexplained voice appears, they say, like when this boy in casemate 5 asked, “Did you die in here?”

There was an unexplained voice that answered — the words weren’t clear, but it sounded like, “I think so.”

Go on a ghost hunt at Fort Mifflin in this CBS Philly podcast…! (runs 4:23)


Participants claimed to have see a number of odd things. Psychic medium Steve Edwards is with Crossroads Paranormal Research of Pennsylvania.

“You had the shadow that we all seen. You had the movement in casement 5 and you had the door opening and closing at the blacksmith shop.”

A number of orbs or light anomalies were also captured by some members of the group.

Tickets are still available for an over night paranormal investigation at Fort Mifflin on October 27th.

And candlelight Ghost Tours are being held this month.

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