dsc 0005 Rules of the Road: The 10 Commandments of Tailgating in Philadelphia

Have a great Eagles tailgating experience by following the rules (Credit: Cassie Hepler)

Tailgate enthusiasts from Philly unite and follow these 10 commandments to ensure your Eagles tailgate party goes off without a hitch.
1. Thou Shalt Start Early. The most important part of a tailgate at Lincoln Financial Field is to get there early and find a prime spot to set up shop. Have all of your necessities bought and prepared the night before the game so when you wake up, you can pack your vehicle and go. A good night’s sleep will ensure that you are ready to take on the crowd. Reserved parking is offered for suite holders, Touchdown Club members and Red Zone and Club Seat holders, making finding a spot a lot less stressful for them.

2. Thou Shalt Not Cross Boundaries. According to the Linc, tailgating is not allowed in lots north of Pattison Avenue and west of Darien Street. This includes lots Q–W and the lot next to the Nova Care Complex. Don’t go there because you’ll be the only ones there and tailgating is best with a crowd of Philly fans! If you want a cheaper tailgating experience, try setting up at Roosevelt Park. It has a great atmosphere, cheap rates and is just a short walk from the stadium.

3. Thou Shalt Bring Grub. The quintessential part of any tailgate around the nation is the food. Burgers, brats and dogs are all classics, but the Philly fare is always the best choice. Bring a grill and cook your own cheesesteaks or pick up a to-go order at Rick’s or Pat’s. On cold days, a nice pot of clam chowder can reinvigorate frozen Philly fans.

If you don’t feel like sweating behind a grill at your tailgate, pay someone else to do it. Cav’s Catering is a great choice for any home game. Bob Cavanaugh has been serving food at Eagles tailgates for years and has even won accolades from Jack Daniels for his tailgate parties. His tailgate is located at Jetro Lot N, Pole #3.

4. Thou Shalt Libate Freely and Responsibly. Another staple of any tailgate is beer and plenty of it. Make sure the suds flow throughout the pre-game festivities because nothing kills a party faster than an empty keg. Encourage camaraderie with your neighbors by offering them drinks. Be sure to check IDs so as to not serve minors.

Leave the liquor in the lot. You will be searched when entering the Linc and anyone who is found with alcohol on them may be ejected and arrested. Stadium security also has the authority to confiscate your tickets, so avoid the hassle and leave the liquor in the lot.

5. Thou Shalt Bring Games. Keep your guests entertained before the big game with a couple of small games of your own. A collapsible table is a great idea for beer pong or table tennis enthusiasts. Another easy option is a rousing game of cornhole (bean bag toss) or washers. To get pumped up for the game, don’t forget to bring a football. The throwback vortex ball from the ‘90s is a good choice because it whistles. This way, other tailgaters can duck any wild passes.

6. Thou Shalt Mingle. Be sure to walk around to different tailgates and really soak up the atmosphere. It is easy to get caught in a bubble and by popping it, you might meet some interesting people or get cool ideas for your next tailgate. Have a beer or food in hand so people don’t think you’re a mooch.

Be sure to stop by the Miller Lite Tailgate Zone in the HeadHouse Plaza for some great entertainment. Before home games, the Tailgate Zone has cold beer, rockin’ bands and appearances by cheerleaders and Eagles alum.

7. Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor. As alcohol consumption increases, inhibitions decrease. Be sure to remember that you’re in a public place so be courteous to those around. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and be friendly toward rival fans. Philly PD will not be too forgiving if they catch you fighting in the lot.

8. Thou Shalt Clean Up. Don’t leave a mess in the parking lot. Bring garbage bags for anything that can’t be recycled. There are Go Green! recycling receptacles around the stadium for you to deposit empty cans or recyclable plastics and paper products. Philly fans bleed green so let that reflect in your behavior toward the environment.

9. Thou Shalt Not Drink and Drive. Nothing will ruin a great day at the Linc like getting in an accident or getting pulled over for a DUI. Plan ahead and designate a sober driver to avoid making bad decisions when the gates let out.

Taxi stands pick up on the northeast corner of Broad Street and Pattison Avenue right next to the Broad Street Line subway station. Trains are scheduled to leave “shortly” after each Eagles game lets out. If the game goes past midnight, shuttle buses will be provided.

10. Thou Shalt Know The Eagles Victory Song. If you want a vivacious crowd reaction, go to any bar or tailgate in Philly and just slowly shout, “E” followed by “A,” and by the time you hit “L, E, S,” everyone within earshot will have joined in.

The Eagles Victory Song –not “fight” song– is named appropriately because Eagles fans have a reputation for fighting. The song was first performed in 1957 and has been adapted over the years. The current version goes like this:

Fly, Eagles, Fly

On The Road to Victory.
Fly, Eagles, Fly
Score a touchdown one, two, three.
(one, two, three)
Hit‘em low, Hit’em high
And Watch the Eagles Fly.
Fly, Eagles, Fly
On the Road to Victory


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