By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With election day 23 days away, the spotlight is on a South Jersey battle for Congress.

In one of the most interesting area congressional races, freshman Congressman Jon Runyan, former Eagle, is facing off against Shelley Adler, who’s late husband was defeated by Runyan two years ago.

Their biggest differences?

“Millionaires and billionaires, large, big oil companies, corporations that ship jobs overseas those are the people and the entities he wants to help,” says Shelley Adler.

But according to Runyan, “Miss Adler and her party talk all the time about fairness. She wants to talk about subsidies to oil companies. Most of those subsidies are manufacturing subsidies that are across the board.”

Shelly Adler, activist and widow of Congressman Jon Adler, is battling it out for the 3rd congressional district in NJ. Runyan says the Bush tax cuts should stay for everyone.

“If you want to increase revenue in this country get people back to work. Get them paychecks, get them back into the system.”

Listen to extended interview:

Adler has a different approach, “We need to attack the deficit but do so not on the backs of senior citizens or the middle class. We need to make sure we have middle class tax breaks and not adding additional ones for those at the top end.”