By Steve Beck

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Could one of the most popular Phillies be traded in the off-season?

Jim Salisbury of Comcast Sportsnet was on the 94WIP Morning Show and talked about the possibility of Carlos Ruiz being dealt.

“Hmm, Interesting. I have had thought, especially at mid-season. I think when a guy is having a career year, a year that really jumps out at you, like this guy, above his norm, you always have that thought. Maybe you trade high, so it’s definitely interesting. Ruiz, you know, other teams are constantly watching. He is a guy in his mid 30’s, who has a sick body, had a foot problem this year,” Salisbury said.

In the end, Salisbury doesn’t think trading “Chooch” will bring back significant value to the team.

“I don’t know he brings back as much as you think he would, just given the age and the body type and the way they project guys in their career and longevity.”

Salisbury was asked if Ruiz had more value with the Phillies or somewhere else.

“Well, I think they need him next year. This team is desperate for a right-handed bat and he is obviously a right-handed bat who had a good year, and if he could come close to that next year, that would be a big help. They still are a pitching-based team, and he is very good behind the plate. If you moved him, I don’t know where you would turn to, to replace him. They have some catching depth in their minor leagues now, that actually they might use some of that for trade bait. I think you probably need Ruiz in 2013 … I just think you need him probably more here.”

Salisbury was then asked about Ryne Sandberg and the speculation that he could succeed Charlie Manual as the next Phillies manager.

“Certainly, in action, it appears that he is the next guy. Just by the way they value him, the job he has done, and this move by putting him on the coaching staff, I think, puts up a “keep away” sign toward other teams and I think it sends a strong message toward Ryne Sandberg that you are in our plans. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been whispered in his ear as well.

“His best opportunity to manage in the big leagues is probably right here in Philadelphia. Because I also agree, that they have kind of a tacit agreement with Charlie, that this is kind of going to be it. As a reporter I think you have to follow the entire narrative not just the most recent chapter, and the most recent chapter was yesterday. Well, if you kind of rewind a little bit, to February/March of 2011, when Charlie was negotiating and kind of posturing for his last contract extension, he made it very clear he just wanted a two-year deal, take him up to at least about 70-years-old, and then he wanted to re-evaluate. To me, I’m sure those discussions were held behind closed doors, what happens after this next deal, and I think he is, I really do. I think he is going to retire after this season and move into an advisory role, and maybe work with young hitters, and end up on that Wall of Fame some day. And Ryne Sandberg is going to succeed him.”

Listen to the full interview with Jim Salisbury by clicking on this link.

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