By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The baseball season ends for the Phillies this afternoon, and the Washington Nationals are moving on to the playoffs as the Eastern Division champs. But the Nationals may not win it all, because of the curse of Teddy Roosevelt.

The Presidents Race is a fourth-inning staple at Nationals Park. And while the running mascots of Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson have won their share, Teddy Roosevelt has never won. Ever.

Teddy has tripped, been distracted, and even intercepted by a pierogi along the way. President Theodore Roosevelt’s great great grandson, Penn law professor Kermit Roosevelt III, is not amused.

“Some of the ways in which he’s been prevented from winning are just outrageous. So then it was clear to me that the fix was in.”

Kermit Roosevelt — a Phillies fan, by the way — has placed a curse on the Nationals, declaring they will not win the World Series until Teddy wins the Presidents Race.

“I said it, but I think probably the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt is the one who’s doing it. And I’m sure that some catastrophe will befall them.”

Phillies fans probably wouldn’t shed a tear.

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