By Mike Dunn

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A city council committee today debates a plan from the Nutter Administration to boost the penalties for riding all terrain vehicles in parks and on sidewalks. But supporters of ATVs for recreation may object.

Sixth District Councilman Bobby Henon says his office routinely fields complaints about teens on ATVs causing problems in fields, on sidewalks and on the streets:

“We’ve received weekly calls about disruptions in the neighborhoods, and it’s absolutely a problem.”

Council’s public safety committee today is reviewing the mayor’s proposal to impose penalties for ATV use off-street, on properties controlled by the city, including the sidewalks. The first time fine would be stiff — $2,000 and possible forfeiture of the vehicle. Current state law governs city streets, and the state already imposes fines up to $300 for ATV use on roadways.

But Councilman at large Bill Greenlee is concerned about hurting those who use ATVs responsibly:

“Let’s see if maybe there’s — as we try to find on a lot of issues — a middle ground here.”

At least three ATV riders are scheduled to speak in support of their hobby.

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