By Veronica Dudo

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (CBS) – Michael Phelps made history at the 2012 Olympic Games in London becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time. With a total of 22 medals, the 27 year-old has retired from competitive swimming. Now, he has taken up another sport in an effort to raise funds for his charity, The Michael Phelps Foundation. The international athlete is working to promote healthy and active lives for children through his foundation.

Recently, he held the annual Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic at the Atlantic City Country Club. After the golf outing, Phelps hosted the party at the Pool After Dark inside Harrah’s Resort. The Baltimore native spoke about the importance of his foundation, what he has planned for his retirement and how it feels to be the most decorated Olympian of all time!

Welcome back to Atlantic City.

Thank you. I’ve been here a bunch of times. It’s always a good time and the biggest thing is being able to come back here—back to back years—and having the charity event here. We’re all able to come and all my friends and family are able to come and relax and have a good time–and it is for a good cause.

What are you focusing on as you start the next chapter of your life?

With me being retired and me being done, this is a time for the next chapter in my life. I want to help the youth of America
and that’s a goal of mine and that’s something I plan to do.

What are you looking to achieve through The Michael Phelps Foundation?

Healthy and active lifestyles for children and teaching kids to be water-safe are something that is needed in the country and if I can do something to help that I’m going to do everything I can.

Will you be traveling more since you’re retired?

I’ll be all over the world, all over the country having fun doing this—doing what I love. Helping kids and being around kids is something I do love and I enjoy. I have a long career ahead of me and this is just the first step.

How does it feel to be the most decorated Olympian in history?

It feels good to be able to look back on your career and know that you’ve done everything you’ve ever wanted to. When I hung my suit up, I wanted to say I’m happy and I can say that and I don’t have a, ‘What If?’ I’ll never have a ‘What If’ and that’s what I wanted.

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