By Special Contributor Larry Kane

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – With the election six weeks away, voter ID is still an issue.

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Tom Corbett, who supported the bills, says that Voter ID law may actually generate more voters.

“This is a very important election. We have time to assist other people to go out and help them get to PennDOT or get to some location where they can get their photo ID.”

The Governor says that he sees no problem in enforcing the law which goes before Commonwealth Court in Pennsylvania this week on order from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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The Governor had a less than enthusiastic reception to Mitt Romney’s comments about 47 percent of voters, who are supported by the Government and therefore won’t vote for him. Corbett says it’s important for politicians to keep their eye on their job.

Listen to extended interview:

“When you get into this I hope that we all have that we have the idea that we’re going to move our state and nation forward. And you care about everybody because that’s your job.”

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Corbett also talks about the pending execution of a convicted killer, and Mitt Romney’s week of