By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Power industry officials say they have installed new technology aimed at combating the danger of overheating linked to new electric meters in homes served by PECO.

The problems have occurred in homes that have had their old electric meters replaced by so-called “smart meters.” Since March, 29 homes that have had smart meters installed by PECO have experienced overheating, causing significant damage in two cases.

Industry officials told the Public Utility Commission on Thursday that they believe in most cases, the problems are not caused by the new meters per se but by other issues like loose connections.

But in any case, Joseph McCormick – vice-president of Sensus, the company that made most of the smart meters installed by PECO so far – says new technology has been installed to detect and deal with a hot meter, “to immediately activate the remote disconnect switch.”

PECO has for the time being suspended its meter replacement program while the overheating problem is examined.

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