By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa (CBS) – Governor Corbett says the need for reform of state worker and teacher pensions is a higher priority than a new transportation funding initiative.

It was more than a year ago that a commission created by Governor Corbett made its recommendations on new funding for roads, bridges and mass transit. But, citing the economy, the governor has never sought action on those recommendations.

The issue is not on the radar for the upcoming fall session of the legislature and Corbett says he can’t say whether he’ll make a transportation proposal early next year, either. He’s got a bigger concern:

“A greater problem at this point is the pension problem because that is the one that continues to eat more and more of the general fund budget every year. We added $500 million this year, I think it’s $500-600 million next year.”

The governor says he expects pension reform will be addressed early next year as opposed to the fall. It’s not clear right now if there will be another attempt at liquor privatization this fall.