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Football season is here and Philadelphia Eagles fans are suiting up in full gear to cheer on the home team. Before the game, Eagles fans pack up and head out to Lincoln Financial Field’s parking lots to set up for the tailgate party. Tailgating is how fans show their support and commitment to the home team in the company of other excited fans. The tailgate is more than just fans standing around talking to one another. This is a time to bring out the grills, beer and more to make an event out of the game and season ahead.

Tailgating is popular amongst Eagles fans who have an undying commitment to the home team. Football parties typically begin around 9 a.m. in the Lincoln Financial Field parking lot where parking is around $15-20 per car. Fans come prepared with their grills to cook up some delicious food and keep the energy up at the party. Beer is undoubtedly the most popular beverage to consume, however make sure to pack some waters to stay hydrated as well.

Philadelphia fans will come to the stadium decked out in Eagles gear to show their support. When the weather is nicer, the clothing choices are simpler. However, cold fall weather is fast approaching so be sure to check the forecast and dress accordingly for each game. The Philadelphia Eagles have knit hats, scarves, gloves, jackets and more for sale to keep warm during the tailgating festivities. If it is raining out, remember to bring a poncho or umbrella to stay dry. Don’t forget to wear comfortable foot wear for walking around and encouraging other Eagles fans to keep the energy up during the tailgating party.

Some fans bring RVs to the tailgating lot, equipped with a mini kitchen, place to sit and bathroom on hand for guests. If an RV is not an available option for you, bring some folding chairs in order to be relaxed and comfortable in the middle of the energetic festivities at the tailgate party.

If looking for a little more from the tailgating experience, then check out Philly Tailgate. It offers a full menu of pastas, meats, barbecue, desserts and beverages for only a $30 fee. This setup is located in the far corner of Jetro lot at 7th Street and Pattison Avenue. Philly Tailgate also offers the option of purchasing tickets to the game along with the tailgate package.

Tailgating is a time for gathering with other Eagles fans to build the energy and hype for the home team. The Philadelphia Eagles have plenty of support from their local community, however they could always use more. On the way to the tailgate party, don’t forget the tickets to the game amongst all the excitement. Also, be cautious about how much alcohol is consumed. If anyone is heavily intoxicated, they will not be admitted to the game regardless of a ticket. Lincoln Financial Field has a duty and priority to keep fans safe and happy. Anyone consuming alcohol at the tailgate party that is visibly under the age of 30 will be carded, so do not forget your I.D. Lastly, while at the tailgate party, do not forget the Philadelphia Eagles favorite cheer, “Let’s Go Eagles!”

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