By Ed Abrams

Would you like to enjoy the game more?

Would you like to play better?

I don’t know of any golfer who would answer “no” to either question, but most would admit that’s much easier said than done.

Behavioral therapist Dr Steven Rosenberg says you can have both, and they aren’t that far out of reach. Really.

Dr. Rosenberg’s main claim to fame is helping tens of thousands of people quit smoking and other addictions. But his techniques also transfer to the sports arena, where he has helped a number of pro athletes.  That includes golfers,  Radnor Valley head professional George Forster among them. George is an excellent player who credits Dr. Rosenberg with making his game even better.

Now, most of us hacks might think we’ll never defeat those inner demons on the golf course, but he says we can with some relaxation techniques, including a breathing exercise that can set us up to succeed instead of fail when the going gets tough.

It’s all in a podcast at, and this link takes you there.

Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D.
8080 Old York Road
Suite 206
Elkins Park, PA 19027

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