By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While the Phillies play out the final weeks of the 2012 season, it’s only natural to look toward 2013. Though Charlie Manuel is under contract to manage the team next season, many worry that if Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs manager Ryne Sandberg doesn’t get the job, the Phillies will lose him.

“I think that is a real possibility,” MLB Network’s Peter Gammons said of the possiblity that another team may grab Sandberg if he’s not promoted. Gammons spoke to 94WIP’s Angelo Cataldi And The Morning Team on Thursday.  “I think it’s time. First of all, he has such an incredible personality for it. He is really good at personal relationships, he’s a terrific baseball guy,” he said.

Though the Phillies have had tremendous success under Manuel, Gammons thinks they would be in good hands with Sandberg. “You put a Hall of Famer out there as your manager, a guy that has paid his dues, I think there is a lot to be said for that,” Gammons said. “I think it is absolutely his time. His ability to relate to people is remarkable. He knows what it’s like to struggle early on in his career. That great year in ’84 when all the sudden he went from like a career total of five home runs to becoming a slugging champion. The way he learned from Jim Fry in terms of hitting—there is a patience factor that someone people will never have, and Ryne will have it. It will be a great benefit to whatever team he takes over.”

Cataldi agreed, it’s Sandberg’s time. ” I want him here. Do you understand? I WANT RYNE SANDBERG HERE! Did you hear that testimonial, Al [Morganti]?! Did you hear that?!?”