By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The trial of a Philadelphia priest and a former lay teacher charged with sexually abusing a boy over a decade ago has now been scheduled to start October 22nd.

And during a status hearing this morning, it was learned that a former codefendant, now in prison, could be a witness in the trial.

Defrocked priest Edward Avery pleaded guilty in March (see related story), admitting he sexually abused the same boy allegedly abused by defendants Father Charles Engelhardt and former lay teacher Bernard Shero.  There was no indication of cooperation, however.

Today in court, Avery’s attorney revealed that Avery has been subpoenaed by the prosecution, although the prosecution has not yet talked to him about what relevant information, if any, he might have for the upcoming case.

The prosecution would have to weigh the value of any relevant information against the certain defense challenge to the credibility of Avery, an admitted child abuser.

Both Engelhardt and Shero have pleaded not guilty.

The trial of Engelhardt and Shero was held separately from that of Monsignor William Lynn, who was found guilty in June of child endangerment (see related story), then delayed this week because a defense attorney suffered a death in the family (see previous story).