By Jim Melwert

By Jim Melwert

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Starting today, a new Pennsylvania ID is being made available to help potential voters get ready for the November election.

This new state-issued ID is designed for residents who can’t get ID because they lack documentation like a birth certificate.

“I’m just coming home from the penitentiary, and I was down seven years and I don’t have any ID or anything now,” says William Harris from North Philadelphia. “So I’m coming here to get voter ID, they said it’s free if you don’t have the information to get it.”

Harris says he was able to get his ID card without any problems.

“Filled out the form, went over there, showed the lady my proof of where I’m staying at, and she checked me out on the computer. Everything went okay, and I got my ID.  Didn’t take more than five minutes, it was fast.”

The free ID is being offered at all 71 of PennDOT’s driver’s license centers.  Residents need to be registered to vote, and need a social security number and proof of residency for example, a utility bill or a tax bill.