5:57 The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court expedited a hearing on appeals to the voter ID ruling handed down by a lower court.

6:11 Leakeed documents reveal where some of Mitt Romney’s money has been invested.

6:16 A new poll gives Barack Obama a 9 point lead over Mitt Romney in Pennsylvania. 

6:44 Anderson Cooper and Debbie Wasserman Schultz got into a heated debate over a disputed quote from the Los Angeles Times.

6:50 Rich Lowry writes that Barack Obama is the extremist on abortion.

6:55 Democrats may overplay their hand by trying to move the focus of the Presidential Election away from the economy.

7:10 Chris talks to Steve Cordasco about the possibility of another recession next year and a Republican proposal to return to the gold standard.

7:42 A new Fox News poll shows the Presidential race tightening.

7:44 Seniors have a favorable view of Paul Ryan.

7:45 89% of young voters say the economy effects their daily lives.

7:47 Being cool is all that remains for President Obama.

7:58 Boston Market is removing salt shakers from their restaraunt tables.

8:10 Legal experts are not buy Graham Spaniers defense of claiming he did not know what was happening.

8:14 Ben Franklin Parkway will host an artshow featuring searchlights in late September.

8:17 A new motocycle in Japan has a built in toilet.

8:40 Chris talks to new Eagles President Don Smolenski about taking over the job, Eagles Flight Night, and to preview the upcoming season.