By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – There may be nothing that matters less than the final score in an NFL preseason game. A perfect example, if you’d like one, is that the Eagles are currently 2-0 this preseason. They have won both games so far, but it definitely seems like there is more cause for concern than cause to celebrate.

Gold Star #1 – Nick Foles

It’s become comical how Philadelphia feels about backup quarterbacks. Save for a few games here and there, it’s almost impossible to think of a time when the backup for the Eagles was not at least as popular as the starter was. Nick Foles was impressive in the first game against the Steelers, and even more impressive against the Patriots. It would be hard to fathom Foles not winning the backup spot at this point, which would give him the crown of “most popular person in Philadelphia.” We’ll know he’s really arrived when people are calling for him to play instead of Vick.

Wait, what? Already?!

Gold Star #2 – Mychal Kendricks

The Eagles second round pick out of Cal can play, that’s for sure. So far, he’s looked like the best linebacker they’ve got, and that includes DeMeco Ryans. The Patriots didn’t have their varsity team on the field last night, but what Kendricks has been showing looks like it’ll translate when they do.

Gold Star #3 – Phillip Hunt

Another sack and another forced fumble for Phillip Hunt last night, as well as at least 32,000 mentions from Jon Gruden that Andy Reid has found a diamond in the rough and that Hunt played in the CFL. It should be noted that Gruden did say that almost every player is a diamond in the rough.

Honorable Mentions: DeSean Jackson catching a ball over the middle and looking like DeSean Jackson, Cullen Jenkins and Andy Reid entertaining us with their argument, Nnamdi Asomugha looking like he was supposed to look, and Brandon Boykin, Michael Vick’s X-Ray.

Demerit #1 – Michael Vick’s Sliding Technique

I’m well aware that his inability to slide didn’t get Mike Vick hurt last night. That said, his headfirst slide looked like it very well could have. He doesn’t even do it gracefully. It’s not like a Pete Rose style headfirst slide. It’s almost like he just falls down. How can it be this difficult?

Demerit #2 – Preseason Football

What, you say we’re playing the Patriots? Cool, they’ve got a lot of star power. It should be a great test for the Eagles. What, you say none of those stars are playing? Fantastic. They play four of these, why again?

Demerit #3 – DeMeco Ryans

Though he did make a couple of nice plays, and have five tackles, Ryans wasn’t particularly impressive. The sell on Ryans was that he’s a leader, sure, but that his decreased production was because of the scheme he was playing in while in Houston, and not the lingering effects of a ruptured Achilles. The first team defense didn’t like great as a group, to be fair.

Dishonorable Mentions: The refs ill-fitting hats, Michael Vick getting hurt again.

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