By David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Some people have bad credit scores for one reason or another. Others have a bad banking record. And that could lead to problems if you want to open a new account.

Local Wells Fargo Bank President Michelle Lawrence says anything from identity theft to carelessness could make you a less-than-desired customer at many banks.

“There are some challenges within the industry where customers will be concerned about being able to get an account, but that is similar to being in line with being credit worthy.”

micheles new photo high r Bad Banking History Can Keep You From Opening A Checking Account

Michelle Lawrence, Philadelphia Area President, Wells Fargo. (Credit: Wells Fargo)

So if a bank turns you down for a checking account, shop around and be candid about your problems however they came about. The new bank will check your record anyway, so better to bring issues and documentation to them first.

At Wells Fargo, they offer closely monitored “Opportunity Checking” for those with personal financial issues.

“Once you’ve demonstrated in that account that you can better manage, you then move to the regular standard account.”

In cases where identity theft is an issue, those victims are quickly given access to whatever services they may need.

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