By Lynne Adkins,

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s nearly time for student athletes to begin pre-season training and a local expert urges coaches and parents to keep an eye out for eating or over training issues.

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Athletes striving for perfection may fall into dangerous habits of restricting calories to become as lean as possible and practicing or exercising far too long.

Kelly Pedrotty-Stump exercise coordinator at the Renfrew Center, an eating disorder facility in Philadelphia, says parents and coaches need to look for signs.

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“Sometimes they’re spending 2 hours a day practicing, but then they [may be] spending 2 hours on top of that if they’re noticing that [they are] having some obsessive thoughts about their appearance [or] maybe about their performance or exercise,” explains Pedrotty-Stump.

She says to ask the athlete about his feelings or problems, but don’t focus on body image and if you think there’s a problem talk to your doctor.

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