By Todd Quinones

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HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa. (CBS) – Paul Kennedy owes his life to his 14-year-old granddaughter after he became unconscious in a swimming pool.

“You can’t believe how proud I am. My life saver,” Kennedy said.

Madison McHugh jumped in her parent’s pool and pulled her grandfather’s face out of the water.

“I’m underwater and I’m telling myself, ‘Just don’t, you can’t panic. You have to stay calm,’” McHugh said.

Thanks to a CPR video she watched two years ago as part of a babysitting class offered by her girl scout troop, Madison was prepared.

She and her mom got Paul out of the water, and she started telling her mom what to do.

“I said ‘Okay mom, hold his nose shut and then blow in. So she blew in and I told her stop. I did the compression,” she said.

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Moments later, the 84-year-old began coughing up water and started breathing again thanks to his granddaughter, who he says is amazing.

“I always thought so, but boy, she proved it now,” Kennedy said.

But Paul Kennedy’s fortunes don’t end there. After being rushed to Abington Memorial Hospital, doctors discovered his heart condition, which caused him to pass out in the pool, had deteriorated so much that he needed a pacemaker. it was implanted just two days later.

“I think somebody was looking over us. I’m still here,” he said.

For Madison, she’s proud of what she did last Wednesday. It also gave her a new perspective.

“After that, it made me realize how much I need him,” she said.

Paul says he needs Madison too.

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