By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Now that the Phillies have re-signed Cole Hamels, if they’re planning on “selling,” they’ve lost their biggest piece to sell. As it turns out, the players who remain may be too pricey for some teams.

The Phillies were trying to get a middle reliever from the Reds, but apparently, the Reds passed on the deal.

Carlos Quentin is staying in San Diego. At least any chance the Reds had of acquiring him is gone. Not that they were all that interested. The interest in Pierre and Victorino is still there, though. One Reds insider said a straight-up Ondrusek-for-Victorino deal was nixed by The Club. Would you have done that?

via The Cooperstown Line, 7/23 by Paul Dougherty on 

Logan Ondrusek is a 27 year-old reliever, making $493,000 this season. He’s 3-2 this year with an ERA of 2.70.

The trade would have done two things for the Phillies this year. First, it would have added some much needed middle-relief. Second, and perhaps most importantly, it would have helped insure that the Phillies stay under the luxury tax this season.

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