By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was in Philadelphia on Monday to announce some new federal help in the city’s ongoing struggle against violent crime.

Attorney General Holder came to City Hall to join Mayor Michael Nutter in announcing what they call the “Violent Crime Reduction Partnership.”

“The need for cooperation and coordination among all relevant authorities has never been more clear,” Holder says. “Fortunately for today’s Justice Department and the entire Obama administration helping to close these gaps, improve public safety and to stand with every member of the thin blue line remains a top priority.”

Fifty federal agents from various departments are now being assigned under this program to work with local police and the District Attorney’s office, investigating both violent crime and drug-related crime. Mayor Nutter said this sends a message to the bad guys.

“If you think that you can hide from us, let me tell you very directly: your hiding days are over,” says Nutter. “We are coming for you, and we are going to take you away for a long period of time.”

The program launched in early June and will last through September.