By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Governor Corbett says he hopes the NCAA will consider the far-reaching impact that shutting down Penn State’s football program would have as the organization considers what if any action to take in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

There are few communities in the country that are so tied economically to a major university and its football program as is Centre County.

Governor Corbett says he won’t get in to the business of the NCAA, but says any decision that body makes will have ramifications for the region around it and the entire state.

“And I would certainly hope that they would take a full view of what decisions that they make and the consequences that could be well beyond that of an appropriate action taken directly about the university itself.”

Calling it the most “egregious” thing he’s ever seen when it comes to “overall conduct and behavior inside a university,” the head of the NCAA says he isn’t taking anything off the table when it comes to possible penalties for Penn State.