By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What is it with actors and drunk driving? Don’t they know the legal limits?

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Actress Amanda Bynes was arrested twice in four days for drunk driving and hit and run, leading to many questions. First, what’s the point of being rich and famous if you can’t hire a driver? And second, how much alcohol can I drink before I put myself at risk of DUI?

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Every state, including Pennsylvania, as lowered the threshold for intoxicated driving to a blood alcohol content of .08 for a drunk driving offense – .02 if you are a minor. And while alcohol is metabolized differently based on gender, weight, and whether or not you’ve eaten, approximately three beers in an hour will get a 130 pound woman above the legal limit.

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If you aren’t rich or famous enough to hire a driver, designate one or call a cab.