By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Looking fab on Facebook. Some doctors say the website, other social media and webcams have a growing number of people turning to cosmetic procedures to look their best in online photographs. 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl has more.

Posting pictures on Facebook, millions use social media to stay in touch. There are all sorts of photos, parties, vacations, special events.

When Photoshop won’t do the trick, everyone wants to put their best face forward on Facebook. And to get the perfect profile picture, some turn to doctors for things like Botox and fillers to look younger.

“It’s natural to want to look good,” said Sonia Bamdas, who stays in touch with friends all over the world on Facebook.

Wanting to look her best in photos, she routinely visits Dr. Joseph Eviatar for several cosmetic procedures.

“People who date, they look people up. They look up their Facebook profile. Uh ya know you get a job, most people will now look at Facebook and look at social media and Google people and see what’s out their on them,” said Dr. Joseph Eviatar, a surgeon.

He says how people see themselves, and would like others to see them online, has become a factor in making the decision to have procedures done.

“And I find that people are afraid of what’s gonna be posted,” said Dr. Eviatar.

Psychologist Jane Greer agrees that more than ever, people want to control and feel confident in how they appear.

“Everybody is much more exposed, on display, everybody’s posing for pictures whether it’s intentional or not,” said Dr. Greer.

Sonia says the injections she gets help her feel more confident about how she looks in Facebook photos.

“It’s also nice to get feedbacks from other people that you look good. It adds to the incentive I would say,” said Sonia.

Doctors say Botox and fillers are especially popular because they provide quick results, but there can sometimes be minor bruising.

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