By Todd Quinones

WATERFORD TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) – The concern tonight and through the early morning hours is visibility on Route 206 in Burlington County

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service will be monitoring this road to see if smoke from the fire at Wharton State Forest doesn’t hamper drivers’ ability to see the road.

Authorities say 220 acres are burning right now in Waterford Township, Camden County.

The New Jersey Forest Fire Service fist spotted the smoke from one of its towers just before 4 Thursday afternoon.

The big plume of smoke grabbed the attention of most people heading along route 206. People in the area are concerned by what they see.

“I’m wondering how bad it’s going to get. I’m wondering how bad the smoke is going to get because I’ve been out here before when they do controlled burns and the smoke and ash is so bad from that, I can’t imagine what something like this would do,” Dana Drum of Shamong, New Jersey said.

“We are going down to Vineland, New Jersey. I hope it is not heading this way. I hope it isn’t like Colorado,” Jose Collazo of Nashville Tennessee said.

Fortunately, this fire is nowhere near the size of the fires out west.

This fire, which is moving southeast, is about 50 percent contained.

Right now, the fire is burning in a remote area off of Atsion road in the area near Goshen Pond.

At this point no homes or structures are in danger.

“The fire is contained at the time. We have control lines around the entire perimeter. It looks worse than what it is right now,” said Russ Fenton of the New Jersey Forest Fire Service.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.