By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Finishing touches are being put on a six-month, $4-million makeover of the tour at the US Mint in Philadelphia, which reopens to the public on July 3rd.

The last time the mint tour was updated was in 1969, and public affairs director Tom Jurkowsky says it showed.

“It really was… I hate to use the term embarassment, but it was an embarassment,” he said today.

But now, Jurkowsky says he’s proud of the new tour, which he says does a better job of telling the mint’s story.

“What we do touches every American, and the people who work here have pride and passion in what they do,” he says.

(These pennies really are “mint condition.” Credit: Pat Loeb)

The tour includes historic artifacts such as very old coins, medals, and documents, and a bird’s eye view of the production floor, where coins are made.

“And, with the assistance of videos and displays, (it) explains what they’re seeing down there.”

The old tour drew a quarter of a million people a year.  Jurkowsky is hoping even more will see the new one.

“We’re excited,” he admits.

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