By David Madden

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) – New Jersey has put the brakes on most towns involved in a pilot program using red light cameras to catch violators, at least for a short time. The reason is the lights themselves.

It comes down to the timing of those yellow lights. See, there’s a national standard, and there’s the new law. Joe Dee with the Department of Transportation.

“The law that created this red light pilot program had a different method in calculating how long the yellows need to be,” NJ Department of Transportation spokesman Joe Dee said 63 of the 85 lights across the state need to be rechecked.

So no tickets will be issued until the lights are certified to comply with the law. That includes those in Cherry Hill, Stratford, Monroe Township and Glassboro. Cameras in Gloucester Township and Deptford are in compliance. Outstanding tickets are still valid.

And be warned: All the cameras are still rolling.

“If it turns out that the yellow light is sufficiently long, anyone who violates the law and is caught on these cameras, they will get a violation notice.”