By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you’re lost at Carnegie Mellon University, try Mapyst. Students walked, timed and mapped every building, hallway and foyer on campus right up to the room door to solve the problem,” I can’t find the classroom.”

At the University of Maryland College Park, a user can tap the M-Urgengy icon and stream audio and video to police monitors making sure that those who feel the need for escorts don’t have to wait.

In South Africa, many students have little access to computers, but 98% have cell phones. Associate professor Laura Czerniewicz, at the University of Cape Town, reports that students record pictures of her blackboard notes and textbook pages on their phones.

And the latest estimate is that one third of all US students take at least one course online.

For good examples of how technology has changed college life, see the Smart Phones article in The New York TimesEducation Life” and the February 26 Chronicle of Higher Education.