5:40 David Axelrod tried to back up the President over the weekend after he said the private sector was doing fine.

5:50 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was outraged at the statement by President Obama.

6:11 Tommy Chong is battling prostate cancer.

Tommy Chong (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images)

6:13 Efforts are increasing to legalize marijuana.

6:55 It’s time to face it, the Phillies are bad.

6:57 Philadelphia’s major hotels are criticizing the running of the Convention Center’s labor practices.

7:11 Chris talks to Michael Bronstein on the Monday Morning Matchup about the Romney Campaign’s attacks on President Obama and the state of the race.

7:40 Chris speaks with David Sanger, the Chief Washington Correspondent for the New York Times about his new book, Confront and Conceal.

8:10 Chris talks with Phillies Manager Charlie Manuel about this seasons continuing struggles and dealing with the a series of significant injuries.

Charlie Manuel (Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images)

 8:27 WaWa’s website was hacked over the weekend.