By Tim Jimenez

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The recently instated ban on outdoor feeding in the Fairmount Park system has drawn a lot of heat from some homeless advocates and religious leaders. But some local leaders do support the ban.

Happy Fernandez, the outgoing President of Moore College of Art and Design, echoes Mayor Nutter’s administration.

“I just feel that indoor feeding is really the way for the city to move to assist people who are either homeless or have other needs that need to be addressed,” Fernandez says.

She’s part of the Parkway Council Foundation, a group representing the museums, schools and businesses on the Parkway. As a former city councilwoman, she says she understands where those against the ban are coming from.

“I worked with all kinds of groups, neighborhood groups and homelessness advocacy groups. I’m well aware of the complexity of the issue.”

But she says indoor feeding looks out for the dignity and safety of the needy. And she says this is more than just a cosmetic move as some have suggested.

“This is a wise move by the city administration.”