By Jericka Duncan
A police-involved shooing in the city’s Germantown neighborhood Friday morning is under investigation.

Police say at about 10:45 a.m. they received reports of a woman screaming and a man exposing himself near Church Lane and Musgrave Street. When police arrived, they tried to question the suspect, but police say he became unruly and ran away, throwing objects at an officer in the process.

The suspect, who police say is 17 years old, traveled through backyards and tried to kick open doors of residents’ on East Penn Street. Police say at one point, he threw a barbecue grill at the police officer because he had nowhere to go. That’s when the officer shot at the suspect, twice. The bullets didn’t hit the alleged criminal, but it hit a woman’s home.

The chase ended near Magnolia and Penn streets, where a second officer who was on bike patrol got involved and used his taser to subdue the teen, who witnesses say appeared to be high on drugs.

Authorities say the suspect was taken to an area hospital.

Neighbors who have seen the teen before say he is a troublemaker.

“He was outside all night and neighbors had called the cops on him, and they were wondering why he was in the neighborhood because they had never seen him before,” said one woman who did not wish to be interviewed. She says Friday’s incident could have been prevented had officers arrived on Thursday.

The incident remains under investigation.

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